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Kaftan | Fulani Design - Teal

Designer: ILE AMIR

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All Kaftans are made to measure. Pants are included with Kaftan please reference the sizing guide. Please denote with arm length if you want short sleeves or long sleeves. Also, use a sizing guide to determine how long you want the top to be. If you want a different design please let us know. The pattern on Kaftan fabric will differ. If you have any questions, please email us. 

Measure Yourself for the Kaftans

 Determine Your Height in Feet and Inches

[ 1 ] -  Neck

[ 2 ] -  Shoulder

[ 3 ] -  You'll need to know the width of the widest part of your torso, which is just under your arms and across the chest. Don't hold your breath while measuring, or you could end up with a tighter suit jacket than you intended. However, don't measure too loosely, either. This measurement is important to determine your suit size.

The chest measurement plus the height will determine whether the Kaftan will be short, medium, or long. If you want the Kaftan to belong. Measure from top of shoulder to bottom of where you would want the Kaftan to end.

[ 4.a - 4.b ] -  Calculate Your Sleeve Length

Start from the shoulder seam and measure to the bottom of your wrist. If you want a short sleeve Kaftan stop right before the elbow. Most Kaftan is fitted using the standard formula of chest width and height, but in case you have different proportions, this measurement could be useful.

[ 5.a - 5.b ] - Short and Long Tower

[ 6 ] - Shirt Length

[ 7 ] -  Measure Your Waist for Your Pant Size

The pants will normally rest around the belly button, so start measuring around your torso at the height of the belly button. Stick a couple of fingers between the measuring tape and your body, so the fit won't be so tight. When you sit down, you'll need that breathing room.

[ 8 ] -  Measure Your Seat

Make sure that the measuring tape includes the widest part of the buttocks. Don't hold the tape too tightly or too loosely -- just enough that you can fit two fingers between the tape.

[ 9 ] -  Thighs

[ 10 ] - Find Your Inseam Measurement

Wear a fitted pair of pants when you're doing this to get a better measurement and stand with your legs apart. Take the measuring tape and measure from the crotch to the bottom of the shoe, so the pants won't be too short or drag on the floor. You won't be able to take the measurement properly if you try to do it yourself, so get someone to help you find the measurement at the shoe level.

[ 11 ] - Length of Trousers

[ 12 ] - Length of Trousers